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Cranberry Pie

An easy to make Cranberry Pie with three main ingredients. Also see related video for another tasty cranberry pie recipe.

How To Make Home-Made Cucumber Pickles

Take enough small cucumbers to fill four one-quart jars; wash and sprinkle over them one cupful of table salt; let them remain over night; in the morning, wash and pack in the jars. Add one teaspoonful of whole cloves, one teaspoonful of whole allspice, one teaspoonful of white mustard seed, and two pieces of alum, as large as a pea, to each jar. Fill the jars with boiling vinegar, and seal.

How to Corn Beef

A piece of fresh beef weighing seven or eight pounds is sufficient for a family of eight. Wash, clean and put it in an earthen dish, twenty-four hours before cooking. Cover with cold water, and add a cup and a half of ice-cream salt. When ready to cook it, remove from the brine and wash, placing it in cold water. Cook four hours.

Clam Fritters

Clam Fritters are good snacks and alternatives to commercial chips.

Boston Brown Bread

Boston Brown Bread is  the authentic, traditional, steamed-on-the-stove brown bread that all New Englanders grew up with.